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Quote of the day

"Man is enamored with checking his issues, however he doesn't tally his delights. In the event that he considered them up he should, he would see that each parcel has enough satisfaction accommodated it."

"What are 'protections'?"

– Daz in New York, USA

"A security portrays a 'budgetary instrument' (like a bond or offer) that has some fiscal worth and can be exchanged between speculators – frequently on a trade, however it doesn't need to be.

On the off chance that it's a value security – a.k.a. an offer – the holder claims a bit of the organization that gave it, and gets profits if the organization pays them.

In the event that it's an obligation security like a bond, the proprietor has the privilege to a small amount of the salary gave over the lifetime of that obligation."

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