Starlink Satellite Fast Internet Service

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Starlink is a satellite service roaming the Earth's lower orbit, which provides a broadband Internet connection to the user.

Starlink Satellite Fast internet Service

Today, everyone uses mobile, and if the internet speed is not good, then it will be very bad. In this article we are going to talk about the future of internet speed.

Jio company in India has brought a big digital revolution in the country. The launch of the Jio company in the country has shocked other telecom operators. Now, if we talk about whether a company can give competition to Jio too? So the answer would be - yes.

Starlink is a satellite service roaming the Earth's lower orbit, which provides a broadband Internet connection to the user. The benefit of this service will be that good internet service can be reached in rural areas of the country. The company has launched about 1,000 satellites. More satellites will be made in the future.

Starlink is a type of internet service based on the satellite of Spacex company, in which internet connectivity will be provided directly through satellites which will be launched in space by SpaceX company, which has a group of small internet satellites, and then it The space on the surface of the Earth is released by Rockets, they also have many types of communication satellites, by which all the satellites present in 2000km to 35000km from the earth are controlled.

Elon Musk's company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) is in a mood to enter India under the Starlink Internet project. And it is also in its planning. Recently the telecom company running in India has an internet speed of up to 15 Mbps.

SpaceX is planning to launch a 150 Mbps speed satellite-based internet service in India. According to the information, Elon Musk has petitioned the Government of India for permission to introduce satellite broadband technology. Connecting all the users of India with broadband connectivity with Starlink's high-speed satellite network will greatly benefit and there will be a new digital revolution.

Benefit of Starlink satellite Internet

People living in remote areas will benefit from this service. Those who are not getting broadband service right now. These service plans of the company will also be cheap. Musk is waiting for TRAI's permission.

Starlink Satellite Internet Speed ​​

SpaceX's Starlink project is a group of satellites in the Earth's lower orbit. With this service, good internet service can be reached in every area of ​​the country. For this, the company has so far launched about 1,000 satellites. SpaceX company is preparing to launch 12,000 satellites by the year 2027. According to SpaceX, it will provide internet speeds between 50Mbps to 150Mbps.

What is better Starlink or 5G?

Today, the common user uses streaming services like Amazon Prime video, Netflix and Youtube, etc. 4G service is sufficient for this. You also need to know that 5G technology is 100 times faster than the current 4G network. But currently, the main problem is the network problem in remote rural areas. Starlink internet is promising to provide better coverage of internet broadband anywhere on earth. So it is simply that this is what we need in the present.

What will be the benefit of Starlink Satellite Internet?

Currently, there are 800 million Internet users in India. And in the coming 4-5 years, this number can reach close to 1000 million. The current average internet speed in India is 15 Mbps. Internet speed may increase with the introduction of 5G by other telecom companies in the coming time. But it will take time to reach fast internet service in villages and remote areas. So SpaceX's Starlink project will outperform it. This satellite-based service can reach people at a very low cost.

Starlink competitors in India

If Elon Musk's Starlink project gets approval in India, then Jio and Airtel companies will have high competition. Users are going to benefit from the collision between these companies because the user will get the internet at a lower cost.

Why does Space-X want to come to India?

The geographical location of the country of India is different. Internet services have not yet reached remote areas. Because there are some areas where it is impossible to install mobile towers, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF),  45 percent of people in India do not have internet facilities till December last year. Therefore, Space-X's endeavor is that India can become a good testing ground for this service.

Starlink pre-order booking

You would know that Starlink, the high-speed Internet Company of America, has entered India. Now you can pre-order Starlink Internet in India as well. The pre-order price is around $ 99 i.e. around Rs 7,253. If you want to make a pre-order booking, then you can check your location by entering your address on the pre-order page on Starlink's website.

You have to enter the address of your home/area on the website and click on 'Order Now'. Then you will get information about Starlink Satellite internet being available in your area. However, the beginning of service everywhere has been stated as the year 2022.